Temple Press is a not-for-profit organisation that consists of a website and quarterly printed editions, it was established to provide emerging artists, writers, and musicians with a platform to publish their work. The online platform has been operating since late 2012 and the production of printed editions of Temple Press began in 2015.

The website started out showcasing pieces of writing, art and music either submitted by contributors or poached from other websites with the contributors permission.

The project is in its second stage of evolution, with the production of hard copy publications, available in selected bookshops and galleries, and new facets to the website; including an online gallery space which can host live-streamed performances and contributor collaboration research documents.

All ownership and copyright of work submitted remains with the artist, even if published with Temple Press online or in hard copy, unless previously agreed. The Temple Press copyright acts as a secondary safeguard for the work held under the banner.

If you would like to submit work to Temple Press, please contact via email; templepress.info@gmail.com