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Jonathan Herweg - Blurred and Obscured | Odyssey

Jonathan Herweg - Blurred and Obscured

Blurred and Obscured is a life support machine for the dedicated band of followers that indulge in the transcendent journey through the deep chasm of sound and culture that is mined and excavated for their benefit by Jonathan Herweg.

Herweg is like a tentacled creature rummaging around deep subterranea not leaving any crevice un-disturbed, any grain un-turned, gathering musical information and transmitting this data back to us in the form of a free-form radio show. The particular content of this terrain being rich in audio minerals from the 1960's to the modern day. He glides over, combing, probing and sifting the landscape, to locate the fossilized grains of sound that best encapsulate and project the geography and environment from which they have been harnessed.

Herwegs bilious narrative intersects and weaves through the transmissions, both charming and binding, reassuring us that we are not alone. Herweg becomes the perfect malady and guide through any subconscious state whether half awake or in deep focus.